Gourmet accommodation in St-Côme


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July 10, 2024

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Gourmet accommodation in St-Côme

Le Gollé Goulu offers unusual accommodation (yurts and teepees), mini-cabins for glamping camping, superb rustic sites for pitching tents and a few sites for small RVs. The secrets of the Gollé Goulu are less and less well kept: the intimacy of its sites, the originality of its accommodations, its proximity to nature, but also the possibility of eating the fruits and vegetables that the Jardin du Goulu, inspired by the nourishing forest, has been producing for nearly five years for a gourmet stay.


Nourishing forest and ecological camping

Setting off on a hike, bringing only your small travel bag and feeding on the forest's abundance of edible plants, flowers, fruit and mushrooms is an idea that inspires many. Knowing the edibles that are right under our noses, which we sometimes confuse with weeds - though... - and being able to pick and prepare them to satiate ourselves, is an idea that is becoming increasingly popular. Making our travels as eco-friendly as possible, by minimizing the waste we produce and consuming locally, is an idea that has become unavoidable. The Jardin du Goulu, which draws its inspiration from the nourishing forest for its garden of perennial and annual edibles, offers fruit and vegetables in July and August, which Gollé Goulu campers can purchase at the Jardin du Goulu or at the self-service kiosk.


Agrotourism revisited

Depending on when you're camping, you might even have the chance to discover the Gollé Goulu's little food forest. On weekdays, when the market gardeners are busy, and the garden pavilion and the Goulu garden are open, dare to take the garden path that crosses the high meadow to the barn and garden pavilion and the Gollé Goulu's little food forest, where apple, plum, buckthorn berry and chamomile trees stand side by side with garlic, cabbage, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchinis and more. You can buy farm products (see below) and, depending on the season, pick your own berries (sea buckthorn berries from mid-July to early August, chokecherries from mid-August, crabapples and plums in September).


Eat in season, eat local, eat well... camping or glamping!

Let yourself be inspired by the harvests of the moment - multicolored Swiss chard, yellow oyster mushrooms, kohlrabi, traveler tomatoes, nasturtium mesclun, crunchy and slightly prickly radishes, garlic flowers, broccolini, etc. - and add color, flavor and a touch of creativity to your glamping stay. -Add color, flavor and a touch of creativity to your glamping holiday.

And to add freshly caught fish to your gourmet stay, ask when you arrive about the fishing schedule at the Gollé pond: you could accompany your greedy vegetables with one or more freshly caught trout!

Le Gollé Goulu's ready-to-camp all-glamping gites offer everything you need to concoct a feast: propane hob in the gites, utensils, outdoor fire ring with grill, eating space and even recipes to glean from the Gollé Goulu website! A rhubarb compote to accompany grilled meat, a refreshing kohlrabi and radish salad to go with fish, a stir-fry of chard and oyster mushrooms with garlic flower... you may even find yourself without recipes, because it's hard to lack inspiration with so much freshness, so many colors, so much beauty and goodness!

Taste Lanaudière all year round

Take advantage of your stay at Gollé Goulu to stock up for the coming winter, so you'll have berries on hand to make jellies, jams, compotes or marinades. When the cold sets in, it's time to eat well all year round, and eat sensibly! And when autumn brings squash and garlic, Gollé Goulu's discoveries, such as cheekbone, monarda, chokeberry and argouse jellies, as well as comforting herbal teas, can be added to your pantry for long-lasting pleasure!

Take advantage of your stay to visit Saint-Côme's other gourmet attractions and spice up your stay or stock up before you leave: La Maison du Bonheur offers, among other discoveries, a delicious forest pepper and a no less delicious balsam fir salt, the Trécarré microbrewery, the On s'gâte fine products and prepared foods boutique (adjacent to their small café On s'régale)...

Get a taste of Gollé Goulu now

All the visitors we've met recently agree that there's something enchanting about Gollé Goulu: the site surrounded by mountains, its small gites fitted out with attention to detail and each with its own personality, the flora exploding in scents, flowers and colors since our early June, the fauna that from the batrachian pond (étang du Goulu) to the garden of the Goulu makes its song heard... all this makes the Gollé Goulu in its July of abundance a destination not to be missed. And our Goulus et gourmands basket subscribers say it all: the fruit from their local market, the vegetables from their local farm, have a touch of the real, the tasty, the authentic... so to enjoy the wonders of the garden and make gourmet discoveries like they do, book your Goulu accommodation at Gollé Goulu de Saint-Côme in Lanaudière to visit either the garden or the self-service kiosk, or a little of both!

Agrotourism at Le Gollé Goulu at a glance

Self-service kiosk at 1300 rang des Venne (Le Gollé Goulu campground reception): bring some cash if you plan to help yourself at the self-service kiosk.
Pavillon du jardin du Goulu (1320 rang des Venne): come and have a look, we can show you around, subject to availability!
Jardin du Goulu market: come and buy farm produce on site at the Jardin du Goulu pavilion when the market is open: Thursdays from 3 to 5 pm and Fridays from 10 am to 12 pm until September. A real local market for Gollé Goulu campers!
Fishing at the Gollé pond: ask about it when you arrive.
Pick-your-own: Keep up to date with our pick-your-own events by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on our social networks.