Garlic, fruits and flowers with multiple virtues


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September 3, 2022

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Garlic from Gollé Goulu

The garlic grown at Gollé Goulu is of the Music variety. It is grown in an organic farming (without pesticides or fertilizers) in an orchard garden that functions according to the principles of permaculture.

It is a long-lasting garlic: in optimal conditions (cool, dry and dark place), it can be kept for up to one year. Keep it away from light (in a paper bag) and you are sure to keep it all winter!

In the summer, replace it with Gollé Goulu garlic flower (available from July).

Price for the year 2022

1 head of garlic between 40 and 50 g. : 2$
Package of 300 g. : 10$
Package of 500g. : 15$
Package of 1 kg: $25
Ask at the reception!

Herbal teas - herbs


Aromatic plant similar to tarragon.
Can be used as an infusion or as a seasoning, but should be consumed in small quantities, occasionally.
Not recommended for pregnant women or young children.

Also called "catnip" or "catmint".
In infusion, it would have calming virtues and would drive out nauseas while preventing the miscarriages. Let infuse 10 to 15 minutes in hot water.

Plant whose smell reminds of mint and thyme and which is part of the same family as oregano and rosemary.
The leaves and flowers, fresh or dried, can be used as a seasoning on salads, vegetables, grilled meats, stews or fatty fish.
As an infusion: cover with hot water and let steep for 10 to 15 minutes.
Price for the year 2022

5$ / 30 gr.

Black aronia:

A very hardy native North American shrub that produces small black berries very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. The fruits of the aronia contain almost no sugar and can be added to other fruits in desserts, jellies or jams. Ideally, the berries should be dried or cooked to remove their particularly astringent taste.

U-pick prices for the year 2022

6$ / pound