A precious little fruit found at Gollé Goulu


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December 3, 2022

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Do you know the sea buckthorn berry? The small, orange fruit grows in bushy shrubs with gray foliage. This "super fruit" (you'll understand why!) has been consumed for centuries in Europe and Asia where it is a native plant. And since sea buckthorn adapts to many climates and soils, it was only fitting that it be planted at Gollé Goulu... Imagine, it can withstand temperatures ranging from - 43o Celsius to + 40o Celsius!


Energizing, revitalizing, with a slightly acidic and bitter taste, this small orange fruit, with very high antioxidant properties, is a superfood: the sea buckthorn berry contains thirty times more vitamin C than an orange and it is a fruit that grows in our northern regions! The fruits, leaves and seeds are also particularly rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, E, F, K and P, in addition to containing proteins and fatty acids. All health benefits! Convinced?


The berry freezes well and can be used in smoothies or as the star of a nutritious juice to which you simply add a dash of maple syrup in addition to the water. Replace the lemon in your next gin and tonic with frozen berries to add color to your glass. Sea Buckthorn can also be used to make jellies or jams.


Available from the end of August to October, it can give a little trouble to the pickers because the branches of the sea buckthorn carry thorns that... sting... a little! We offer the opportunity to the curious and to the connoisseurs of this small fruit to come to the orchard-vegetable garden of the Gollé Goulu to pick some during a next stay... A real bath of vitality for the amateurs of outdoor activities!


News written by Claudia and Marie-Soleil


Useful information

The sea buckthorn berry is usually ready to be picked at the end of August. It may be earlier this year (mid-August): ask at the reception desk during your stay at Gollé Goulu.

Cost: $3/100 gram picked and $2.50/100 gram U-pick (there may be a limit per family)


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