Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing your stay


Is there a place where I can charge my cell phone?

We understand that staying in a lodge without electricity or running water can be complicated for some. This why you can recharge your devices in the sanitary block accessible at all times. That being said, a little time without screens can do a world of good!

Do we have access to a wireless network on-site?

The reception pavilion (outside or inside) is the only place where you can access a wireless network at the Gollé Goulu. Otherwise, you will have access to your cellular data on the balconies of some lodges, except for the yurt and the G4.

Do the rates shown in the list exclude taxes?

Yes, the QST, GST and accommodation tax (3.5%) will be added to your bill.

Are outdoor fires allowed?

Fires are allowed outside. Ask our staff about this matter upon your arrival or read the Sopfeu instructions (link:

Even though we have to bring our own cooler, do we have access to a refrigerator since there are none in the accommodations?

Yes, you can use a shelve of the refrigerator in the reception pavilion, it is accessible at all times with a key.

Is it possible to buy supplies or food at the Gollé Goulu?

Depending on the season and upon request, you can purchase or rent: wood, ice blocks, vegetables and fruits, drinking or non-drinking water, indoor or outdoor games, books, hammocks, passes for the five regional parks, snowshoes, fishing rods and bait, hockey sticks or pucks, sleds, etc.

Do I have access to a BBQ?

We do not provide BBQs, but all our outdoor fireplaces have a cooking grate (bring your own aluminum foil or pan to heat up your food so as not to damage the equipment provided in the unit!)

What are the activities offered?

Many activities are offered on-site depending on the season: more than 10 km of hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails, trout fishing from the pond, family rally, sliding, skating, pick-your-own and purchase of small fruits and vegetables in season. Our region offers a multitude of outdoor and cultural activities depending on the season: canoeing on the Assomption River with the Canot Volant, hiking in the five regional parks, mountain biking and fat biking in the Philippe-de-Grand-Pré Park (rental available at Ascension Sport), climbing walls, downhill skiing at Val Saint-Côme, the local store at the Vieux-Presbytère, outfitters, ATV trails, the Festival des couleurs, Saint-Côme en glace and the Ranch O bois-rond theater.

Ready-to-camp units

Is bedding provided?

Bedding is not provided. However, we can help out with a number of units for an extra $15 per unit. We recommend bringing warm blankets during the winter for the Witente and the yurt.

Do you take a security deposit to guarantee my accommodation?

A 25% deposit will be required at the time of booking. The balance will be taken upon arrival. The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to a later date and subject to availability.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Your unit or campsite will be ready by 3 pm and you’ll have to leave by 11 am so our team can clean up for the following campers. If you wish to arrive earlier or leave later, contact us!

Can we drive to our lodge?

Yes, all of the ecolodges have their own parking space. We encourage walking rather than driving on the site.

Is wood provided in the lodgings?

During the cold season, wood to heat the cabin is included. Depending on the length of your stay, additional wood can be provided for an extra charge of $5 per bundle.

Are pets allowed in the lodges?

Yes, with the exception of the Witente (the Petite Ourse) and the yurt (the Grande Ourse). They must be kept on a leash at all time to avoid any damage to the fauna and ensure quietness for the other campers. They must spend the night in the lodge.

What is provided in the lodges?

Solar energy lighting, firewood, propane stove, Italian or bodum coffee maker, cups, glasses, corkscrew, utensils, dishes, pans, pots, all the necessary to do the dishes and do basic cleaning, drinking water in an 18-litre tank and non-drinking water available in a tank during the winter, and directly from the sink during the warm season, armchair, bed, pillow and mattress protector, toilet paper, compost toilet on the balcony or inside depending on the unit, outdoor shower during the warm season, outdoor Adirondack chairs, outdoor fire pit, picnic table and play module (G1). All you need to bring is your bedding and your cooler! Check out our accommodation page to learn more.


Can we drive to the pedestrian campsites?

No, vehicles are not permitted in the pedestrian campgrounds. Parking is available nearby. We can also provide you with a cart to transport your camping equipment.

Do you provide firewood?

A bundle of wood is provided to you upon your arrival. Depending on the length of your stay, extra wood may be provided for an additional $5 per bundle.

Are pets allowed on the campsites?

Yes, as long as the pet remains in the RV or tent trailer overnight. Pets are not allowed in the pedestrian campsites to ensure a certain quietness for the other campers.

Is it possible to camp during the winter?

Our ready-to-camp units are considered glamping or 4 season camping. Our pedestrian and mini-van campsites are not cleared of snow during the winter. It is not possible to stay in a tent on these sites.