May at Gollé


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June 3, 2024

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The month of May sees the arrival of the first seedlings, but also the members of Terego who come to criss-cross the country to meet peasants and take a bite out of the land!

Because Le Gollé Goulu, to make its peasant heart even more vibrant, was keen to open its doors this year, and especially its field, to small RV traveler - and their inhabitants - eager to spend a night near the farms to fill their little baskets with “beautiful big vegetables” and gourmet products!

But May, you might say, is above all the month for sowing and planting a few hardy vegetable species... And indeed, while May is full of promise, you have to be careful not to go hungry! Between salads of dandelion leaves, violets and sorrel, we're still enjoying our preserves lovingly concocted last autumn (salsa verde, jellies, marinades, etc.) and flowering herbal teas from Le Jardin du Goulu!

If asparagus is still shy, what can we say about rhubarb, which unfurls its broad, slightly wrinkled leaves under which grow edible stalks that can be eaten raw (lightly sprinkled with salt or sugar, as the case may be!), cooked, in marinades or stews, sautéed, mashed or in compote, in tarts or chutneys, in croustades or jams with its strawberry friends. Stock up, freeze it in sections and take it out whenever you like.

Recipe of the month (which is hardly a recipe at all!)

A few stalks of rhubarb, cut into small sections

A dash of cider vinegar

Maple syrup or sugar, quantity to taste

Place rhubarb, syrup and vinegar in a saucepan and heat to a compote-like texture. Sprinkle with dune pepper or La Maison du Bonheur de Saint-Côme forest pepper blend, to taste. Enjoy with yogurt, buckwheat pancakes or on its own for dessert. Add to muffins before baking, or even enjoy with grilled meats such as lamb chops.

More rhubarb ideas!

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Article rédigé par Marie-Soleil Roy
Crédits photos: Sophie Corbei