New lodge and Witente


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October 14, 2022

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It is in the enchanting, winter scenery of Saint-Côme that the Gollé Goulu built two new types of country accommodations: a Witente and a lodge with solar-powered lighting.

You’ve been waiting for this for a while? The Petite Ourse is a canvas tent almost completely surrounded by trees, with a view to the stars. The Petite Ourse is equipped with a medium-size bed, a small bed and mini-bed, a small table and small benches. Adults and children alike will find pleasure in living differently during all four seasons! When weather permits, the tent’s space can be extended with an exterior platform where you can cook and eat while enjoying the view on the Gollé Goulu’s field.

The new cabin La Passerelle can accommodate up to six people. It is located halfway between the Gollé forest and the Goulu field. While it is anchored securely in the ground, it draws the energy required for the lighting from the sunny sky. Its name La Passerelle evokes the idea of a passage, the one between the cabin and the composting toilet, but also the one between the sun and the earth, between the forest and our quarters … so many paths that remind us how generous nature is and how much we owe her!

Guests who visit this wonderful nature site have the privilege to make many discoveries, enjoy the treats derived from the pick-your-own activities all summer long and recharge their batteries all year round.

Treat yourself to a stay in a rustic cabin or the country campground, you’ll be delighted! Details and bookings: right here.

Michel Roy, owner, would like to take this opportunity to invite all of his guests to take part in a photography activity, the purpose of which is to create bounds with the nature surrounding the Gollé Goulu. Within the framework of this contest, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the various attractions offered on our 200 acres of land and to display your talents in photography and the values of the hosts: the respect of others and nature, biodiversity, the food products from the land and nature, our rustic cabins and campground, outdoor activities, the four seasons, and the flora and fauna. We hope that the Gollé Goulu will be a source of inspiration next time you visit us. The contest ends on October 19th 2021. Click on the following link to enter the contest.

You’re lacking inspiration for your picture? This Saturday, February 27th, the Gollé Goulu invites you to come watch the performance of three Saint-Côme’s citizens on its brand new cross-country ski trails. As part of this 55th edition of the Marathon canadien de ski, the Gollé Goulu will manage the refuelling station for our athletes during their 50 km circuit. This year, the challenge let participants pick the circuit of their choice. And they joyfully chose the Gollé Goulu for the Saturday race. A suggestion to all concerned! You’ll have the opportunity to see their performance as soon as 7 am on Saturday.

Claudia Rousseau and Marie-Soleil Roy