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October 14, 2022

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Last year, our business announced it was joining This new certification is part of efforts to develop a different kind of community-supported agriculture (CSA): volunteers who help the Gollé Goulu with its fruit, vegetable and orchard production.

Of course, the family members of the Gollé Goulu’s employees and the citizens of Saint-Côme are compensated with fruits and vegetables, depending on the season. Therefore, our gardening collaborators won’t have to perform alone their agroecology tasks this summer.

Agroecology related-activities coming soon!

Gardening (composting – mulching – weeding – cleaning of the gardens, flower beds and fruit trees)

Harvest of vegetables and preparation of products: keep an eye on our Facebook page for the events to come.

Pick-your-own products according to our harvest schedule: keep an eye on our Facebook page for the events to come.

To participate in a chore or an agro-ecological activity, let us know of your interest through the Gollé Goulu’s Facebook page; you will be compensated with the seasonal products available. You can check the product schedule on our Web site to plan the date of your chore. Schedule available soon.

You are not able to take part in our volunteer activities? No problem! Our products are available on demand. Contact us through Facebook!

To fully enjoy this unforgettable return to basics, book your ready-to-camp unit, fish for trout directly on-site, and enjoy a family educational immersion thanks to the Gollé Goulu’s Rally; which will allow you to extend the experience! Click here to plan your activities.