A few nights in a yurt during the winter


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October 14, 2022

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We stayed five days in the Gollé Goulu’s Grande Ourse at the beginning of January. Not only it is well located, in a beautiful spot, high up, near a stream and surrounded by trees, but it is also impeccably equipped and furnished (apparently, a cabinetmaker from Mirabel designed specifically for the Grande Ourse most of the furniture items, which are made of pine from Saint-Côme and ash trees).

The Grande Ourse is kind of like the Petite Ourse’s big sister: the first one is a large yurt that can accommodate up to eight people (maybe ten if you cheat a little!), and the second one is a Witente; it is much smaller, but very charming, especially during the warmer months when we can cook outside. Like all of the Gollé Goulu’s lodges, these two tents are equipped with everything you need to cook, including a propane griddle, utensils, cups and teapots, so you can enjoy a hot, comforting beverage after a fun-filled, chilly day on the site.


We took full advantage of the snowshoeing trails and the skating ring, and we look forward to our next stay to try the cross-country skiing network that the Gollé Goulu shares with Saint-Côme. Campers also have access to sleds and can go sliding in the Gollé’s field where wild blueberries abound during the summer!


In the middle January, it was rather cold and we were very glad that we had brought our slippers, woollen jackets, comfort blankets and warm sleeping bags. Thanks to these, we had a truly enchanting, bright (the solar-powered lighting was great, even in the washroom!) and revitalizing stay… I have to say that on cold days when the temperature ranges from minus 25 and minus 35, getting out bed during the night to fill the wood stove and maybe facing the outside world to use the dry toilets helped us rediscover the wood runners inside ourselves!


Marie, Alexandre and our two daughters, Alice and Marguerite.